How to Hire Mobile App Developers

How to Hire Mobile App Developers

If you are looking to know the right procedure to hire app developers for customized mobile app development, you have reached the right spot. Synergent, a remote tech talent recruiting agency, brings to you this blog to throw better light on the process of mobile app developers hiring.

Whether your organization is a startup or you are gearing up for digitization, you surely would need the skill sets of a mobile app developer for business goal accomplishment. In an age dominated by smartphones and digital transactions, it takes a mobile app developer to boost business through fast, modern, and reliable apps.

How To Go About Hiring An App Developer?

Either one of the following three ways can be adopted for hiring an app developer:

Hiring In-House

This is the most common option. An organization can create a new team or extend an existing team of developers by conducting a job interview and choosing the ideal candidate to fill the gaps in labor.

Hiring A Freelancer

Hiring developers on a freelance and remote basis is gaining popularity, particularly after the pandemic situation. This option provides the business owner the advantage of contractual hiring. If your budget is below $ 10,000, hiring a freelancer is the best option.

Hiring An Outsource Team

Outsourcing an app developer helps the organization enjoy the best of both the worlds. It is less expensive than opting for an in-house recruit and also provides the opportunity to onboard an entire team of skilled app developers. An outsource team is scalable and can, therefore, be expanded or diminished based on project requirements.

Challenges That May Arise During Mobile App Developer Hiring

Companies looking to hire app developers are likely to face the following three challenges.


Budget is the major concern for several organizations seeking to hire mobile app developers. Organizations must first determine the budget and have a deep understanding of how to go about the hiring process. If the application development mandates the inclusion of several unique features, one must hire experienced developers who are expensive. If the app requires only simple changes or a minor overhaul, a freelancer app developer would suffice.

Time Zone Gaps

Time Zone differences make hiring remote developers or teams for app development a big challenge. A remote workforce might not always be accessible which causes undue delays in the project. But, while working with remote recruitment agencies like Synergent, one gets to hire developers with time-zone compatibility.

Lack Of Personal Communication

When hiring remote developers, organizations feel a lack of personal communication. This is because when developers are working live on the project, companies cannot personally see the work in progress. It also becomes difficult to share quick feedback.

Cultural Differences

Several organizations in the United States and European countries prefer outsourcing their app development projects to developers from Eastern Europe, India, China, Israel, and several other South-Asian countries to enjoy the advantage of a low-cost, yet skilled workforce. Yet, cultural and geographical differences arise due to the developers working remotely.

So, what are the ways to overcome these challenges, and what is the right way to find and hire a mobile app developer?

6 Steps To Find And Hire A Mobile App Developer

Confirm Your Budget

Companies must first confirm the budget by listing all requirements like Android, iOS, and Web before taking the first step in the hiring process. Be clear about your needs – whether a freelancer would suffice or would you require a robust development team. Set budget limits – a flexible range within which you can operate without crossing it. Draw your budget estimate based on your requirements.

Search For An Experienced App Development Team

You can either hire an individual app developer or a reputed team from a renowned organization. Get in touch with Synergent for more details about your app development project requirements. You may also use social media platforms like LinkedIn or job sites like Indeed, Upwork, or Reddit for hiring adept developers.

Interview The Candidates

Interviewing candidates is probably the most daunting task for organizations looking for human hands to complete their projects. But, Synergent makes this process very easy for interviewers. We complete the entire screening process beforehand and present only the top 3 or 5 candidates to the organization for an interview. Our screening process involves an extensive check of their portfolios and prior experience in app development.

Choose The Candidate & Contact Them

Once the ideal candidate or team has been selected by the company, Synergent ensures that they are onboarded into the project and begin work as per the set deadlines. We also ensure that these time-zone-compatible developers send constant feedback and reports regarding the progress to the owner organization.

Seek A Full Stack Mobile App Development Team

Synergent can also get an entire team of freelance mobile app developers who can work in a coordinated manner from various locations on your project and deliver products that will revolutionize the industry.


The final step is to hire the best app developers after discussing the terms and conditions with them. Synergent will take complete care of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and other documentation processes. Once this process is over, the organizations can witness their project take flight in full swing.

This blog would have been a comprehensive guide for those having little or no idea about how to hire a mobile app developer. Get in touch with Synergent for cost-effective, remote staffing solutions.


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