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Pricing Model

Synergent’s Pricing Model

Every process that Synergent undertakes (until you onboard a remote candidate and start assigning tasks) is free. Only when you decide to hire candidates from Synergent’s talent pool, will we charge you. The entire process of searching and selecting the apt competency for your project will be done with commitment, at no cost. This process is usually completed between 1 – 4 days.

The price we charge you, once our remote developers are on your project, is also extremely pocket-friendly. We, at Synergent Tech Solutions, always aim to deliver the best to our clients, in terms of quality and price. Our clients’ needs dictate our actions. Even if a remote candidate is unable to work on the project due to personal reasons or if the client finds his skills unsatisfactory, Synergent will quickly find another ideal candidate to replace this one.

Our Selection Process

Our processes have been designed to ensure that we always find the right candidate for our client. The methods that we follow are streamlined and fool-proof. This makes our remote staffing process 99% precise for our clients operating in various domains and industries.

Synergent Tech Solutions offers a project coordinator who is the one-point contact for the client. This person will run the complete process of searching the talent pool and identifying the right candidate based on your project’s requirements.

Synergent Tech Solutions has a talent pool of more than 500 skilled developers with an average experience of 5+ years. Once you place your remote candidate requirement with us, we will respond to you within 3 working days and present a minimum of 2 CVs that is 99% in accordance with your need.

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By doing so, you will only receive projects that match your skillset and bring out the best in you. If a specific project interests you, mail us your CV – info@synergent.net – our project coordinator will get in touch with you whenever a need arises.


Transparency is the hallmark of all our remote recruitment procedures. We keep our client and the remote candidate equally informed and aware throughout the process. CVs will never be sent to the candidate seeker without the consent of the remote developer. Since a single person takes charge of the entire remote staffing process, both the client and the developer will be informed about the status and progress of recruitment.

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  • A remote Magento Developer who works dedicatedly on your project
  • Magento developers who are expert consultants
  • Skilled Magento developers at competitive prices
  • Free offer within first 4 hours

Expertise of Synergent’s Magento Developers:

Synergent’s offshore Magento developers have created several digital outputs and software solutions that have revolutionized business operations and models. Our remote Magento developers have created robust solutions for the diverse business needs of our global clientele.

Synergent’s Magento developers can work on developing your Magento Ecommerce website. Such websites can be meant for a single store or multiple stores as the developers use a unified admin console during development.

Synergent’s skilled Magento programmers are experts in building interactive themes for businesses of any size. Our remote Magento adepts will also provide continuous support for maintenance and management so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Once you set up your own dedicated Magento team with a minimum of 1 and maximum of 25 members, the developers will work on the project on a remote basis, but in a time-zone compatible manner and complete projects within deadlines.

Hire our remote Magento developers for their expertise in building customized Magento extensions for Ecommerce web portals.

Expertise Magento Developer

Why is Magento The Right Choice?

Magento is an Ecommerce platform that is based on open-source technology. It features a flexible shopping cart system and provides online merchants with the power to exercise great control over their online store’s layout, design, content and functionality. Magento also offers effective marketing, SEO and catalog management tools for online merchants.

The following are the advantages of Magento:

  • Configuration that is mobile friendly

  • Search Engine friendly

  • Quick and easy database integration

  • Easy upsells and cross-sells

  • Multilingual support feature

  • Filtered search options

  • Versatile Content Management

  • Massive user support

  • Ecommerce Integration

  • Custom Security Permissions

Ready To Hire a Magento Developer?

Organizations look forward to hiring remote Magento developers from Synergent Tech Solutions because of our adoption of latest tools and state-of-the-art technologies that result in robust, secure and scalable digital solutions. Synergent’s remote Magento developers carefully study every element of a new technology before adopting or implementing it on a project. The web applications developed by our Magento developers consist of sophisticated features that cater to diverse business needs of organizations operating in various industry verticals.

Synergent Tech Solutions

We help organizations make optimal use of a remote workforce to sustain the momentum of their projects and gain maximum ROI at every step during the execution. Contact Synergent Tech Solutions to procure ideal remote candidates for your projects within a short notice.