This is a treasure trove of the most popular questions once asked by our clients and visitors. We have compiled them for you in this section. You could also contact us at info@synergent.net for any further unanswered queries.

Your remote staff will have one or more of the following skill sets:

  • .Net Developers
  • Java Developers
  • PHP Developers
  • Python Developers
  • Android Developers
  • iOS Developers
  • Dev Ops Engineers
  • QA Testers

Once you let us know your requirement, we will provide you with one or more candidates from our dedicated talent pool. They will assist your business with their complete set of expertise. Also visit our SERVICES page to know more about Synergent’s Remote Staffing and other digital services.

What is the communication process?

To begin with, we will have a telephonic conversation with you to get an insight about your business and staffing needs. We select and suggest our choice of a virtual candidate with the appropriate skill sets. The candidate’s profile will be sent to you for review or suggestions. You can converse with the staff even before signing up with us. The entire procedure is very fast and efficient. The staff will be onboard within no time.Mail us at info@synergent.net to know more about our remote staffing solutions

Can I make use of multiple staff for multiple vacancies?

yes,by all means! We have worked with several clients for remote staffing and have assembled a virtual team with multifarious skill sets required by any organization for their routine functioning and progress. We have gained the experience that will enable us to predict your staff requirements even befor you do.With Synergent Technologies, you enjoy instant access to a bunch of the most wanted professionals equipped with up-to-date and global business practises and.

How is the performance of my remote staff evaluated?

Our Synergent Team tracks their performance with a Time Tracker which is an integral part of our online dashboard. This is a common performance log that can be accessed and viewed by Synergent, the virtual employee and you. Thus, every minute of the employee’s office time is tracked and converted into authentic, transparent reports for everyone to see.

Can I terminate the services of a remote staff as soon as I want to?

We work on a monthly subscription basis involving no long-term contract. If you want the current staff to be replaced by another virtual employee, we will update your requirements in our files and once again start recommending fresh candidates to you.Moreover, cancellation of your monthly subscription plan is also extremely easy with no hidden demands or additional charges.

Is the monthly subscription inclusive of all fees to be paid? Will there be any additional expenses?

Our monthly subscription is an all inclusive plan.You must create a professional E-mail account for your remote staff. Share the details of the monthly plan with every individual staff and other members of the team and make the remote staff execute your goals using your online project management tools. All these are features of our monthly plan.

You will be asked to pay an additional amount if you wish to have remote staff providing assistance with your design, content or web services. These charges will not be a part of our monthly plan.

Where are my remote employees located?

Most of your remote employees will work from the Indian subcontinent. A considerable number of employees will also be
located in the USA.

Will the remote employees be trained in advance?

The virtual employee assigned for you will possess all the in-depth professional knowledge and skills for the job vacancy. The talent pool of Synergent has a deep understanding of the most popular software and Internet technology. We also make them undergo a rigorous orientation and onboarding program. Despite all these, it is crucial that you (as an employer) let them know the business mechanisms, processes and procedures. If you have a pre-curated manual for the job, well and good, In the absence of one, we can get it done for you.

Will the remote employees provided by Synergent work on weekends and holidays?

The virtual employee will ideally work from Monday to Friday during business hours.

Will Synergent provide me with any back-up person when the virtual employee is away?

Yes, you will get a back-up person so that your tasks remain unaffected. We understand that critical situations arise for every employee. During times when they require a medical leave, wish to go on a vacation or want a break for personal reasons, we will provide you with an alternative team member.