Tips for Hiring the Perfect Offshore Software Developers for Your Company

Tips for Hiring the Perfect Offshore Software Developers for Your Company

Tips for Hiring the Perfect Offshore Software Developers for Your Company

It’s undoubtedly well-known that identifying and employing software developers is no longer a simple task. If you’re a recruiting manager and is in charge of hiring a perfect offshore software developer for your business, you already know that this is amongst the most important positions to fulfill and that it can have a significant impact on the company’s performance and growth.

Recruiting for software developer positions can be time-consuming and very much difficult and highly challenging. However, as the recruiting manager of your company, the most critical thing you can do is to choose the correct employee.

Here are some useful tips from Synergent for hiring a software developer to help you ease this great burden off your shoulders and guide you well through this highly time-consuming process.


1. Screening and Evaluating Candidates:

The candidates who have been selected may be subjected to conceptual examinations, or like wise aptitude tests, a quick and on-the spot coding test, telephonic or a video call or a personalized face to face interview, and other methods. Similarly, there are many technologies and applications available to assist you during different phases of the hiring process. So, by the end of the process, the applicants or the best candidates who are the most compatible are given the job.


2. The Candidate Should Be Interviewed by More Than One Person:

It is a frequent fallacy that the nature of the software developer is to script and write codes. When you are selecting a software developer for your company, there are a wide range of variables to consider, such as handling pressure, quickly overcoming challenges and that innate problem solving capacity . When making a hiring decision, it’s vital to acquire a supplementary perspective since personality and character is the most important consideration in the bigger scheme of things.

Indeed, it is said that 60 percent of recruiting managers feel that cultural flexibility has been the most crucial hiring consideration, according to CIO.


3. Always Scan for the Perfect Candidate Profiles:

Perhaps the most important thing you have to do while looking for the proper software developer is to look for the ideal type of profiles. If you search any portal, you will see tons of profiles.

Judging with the first few profiles will almost probably not help you get your hands on the proper information and candidate credentials because there are several methods for a person to trick the program and get their profile to the number one spot. As a result, you must invest a substantial period of time searching through all of the candidate profiles in order to unearth the most exceptional profiles.


4. Know the Best Portals to Search for the Right Candidates:

After you’ve specified the precise standards for the recruitment of a proper software developer and candidate description for your firm, the subsequent stage is to devise the perfect search plan.

Recruitment is the proactive identification of people who are:

  • Candidates or job seekers who are not actively searching for a job
  • Prospective seekers of job or the candidates who are actively looking to be employed.


If paying for premium services is not a possibility, here are some resources or recruitment portals that you can use:


  1.  LinkedIn:

If you are planning to create a profile in LinkedIn you have to follow the below steps:

  • Start a business profile.
  • Add the careers section.
  • Get referrals and reviews
  • Publish intriguing content.
  • Make use of free advertisements.
  • Take part in activities and conversations.
  • Become a member in groups.


2. The GitHub:

You can use the GitHub portal to refine search suggestions derived from existing criteria and engage with people or candidates with relevant skill sets.


3. Stack Overflow:

You can use Stack Overflow to find and hire candidates with specified skills and knowledge in a given region. You can take advantage of the job posting platform.


4. Glassdoor:

The Glassdoor is one of the best portals to search for the right candidate.

  • Register for an Improved Business Account.
  • Enhance your business’s branding.
  • Collect analytics to help you perfect your recruiting approach.


5. Never Ever Underestimate the Power of Communication Skills:

Some strategic leaders and company managers believe that effective communication is unimportant in the context of an offshore software developer. However, this may be common in large corporations, it is not applicable for the startup companies.

A typical startup company consists of modest teams that must effectively communicate throughout the key periods and tough times, which will ultimately determine their short-term success and long-term survival and performance. As a consequence, you want your software developers who can communicate properly and efficiently with the rest of your team.


6. Leverage With Real-life Situations to Assess:

When you’ve identified potential candidates for your company, then you must assess their knowledge, expertise and attitude against the current realistic conditions that your company faces or might experience in the future. There are many fully prepared tests and tailor-made screening and recruiting software tools available to help you in screening and sourcing the candidates. However, having the software developers handle a current challenging situation that your company faces is far more beneficial.

This will allow you to observe their potency in problem-solving, while also providing them with a solid feel of the kind of difficulties and challenges they may confront. After dealing with the real problem, both you and the developer will have a proper insight as to whether the particular individual is a worthy candidate for your company.


7. Handling Company’s Finances:

No matter whether you manage everything on your own or engage with the investors, managing the finances is the most critical aspect of a business and who must be well-versed with it. This is one of the most prominent reasons why numerous businesses seek the help of financial consulting firms.


8. Never Hesitate to Seek Consultations:

A professional development business would gladly offer you with quotations to help you make intelligent selections. This involves determining which type of coding languages and technology you want to utilize, qualities in a software developer that you need to look for, pricing estimates for your demands, and even legal counsel for any sort of Internet protocol queries that you have.


Synergent’s Role in Hiring the Best Offshore Software Developers for Your Company:

At Synergent, we have a strong outsourcing and offshore development team with a sufficient number of professionals in all extant software development niches worldwide. We are highly specialized in working with startup companies and keen on their development, which is one of the main reasons why many clients choose our services.

Synergent always promises that no matter how tightly focused the project is or how sophisticated the technologies utilized in it are, we always will identify professionals for you and ensure the best possible outcome with superior results for your projects and revenue for your company.


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