We help you focus on your business by handling
everything else for you!


We bring top-notch talent to your organization in a time-effective and cost-effective way. Let us know when a vacancy arises. We enable you to shortlist candidates from our already filtered candidates list.

Application services and modernization

Synergent Tech Solutions helps you build and modernize APIs that enable businesses to accelerate into the cloud. A seamless Data Integration and Transformation experience offered across applications.

Quality engineering and assurance (QA)

With the robust, efficient and updated QA services of Synergent Technologies, an organization can roll out applications without errors or bugs. The delays or hurdles that arise during the software development

Robotic process automation

Automate daunting physical tasks into a digital format using robotic accuracy and agility. Streamline business operations, plug data leakages and reduce overall expenditures by adopting the strategies of Synergent Technologies.

Artificial intelligence

Once infused into your organization, artificial intelligence can revolutionize the way you comprehend and conduct business. Our AI solutions help you keep pace with the ever-evolving business environment

Internet of things

Solutions provided by Synergent Technologies make optimal and efficient use of the IoT value chain. We offer services that not only collects and stores data, but also transforms it into an experience that influences positive

Cloud enablement

Make Cloud the core of your business strategy. Cloud binds fragmented workflows, creates intelligent organizational processes and lends a smart personal experience that no other solution can offer. Keep your data within the limits of safe access.


We work closely with Technology companies to help them find better ways to run, grow and transform their business.