Cloud Strategy and Development

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Synergent’s cloud strategy and development expertise

Our ace developers build highly available and scalable cloud solutions for startups to enterprises across the world.


Cloud Strategy and Development services include

Custom cloud applications

We can help you build applications that are managed partially or fully by servers but run like they are installed on a local machine while using lesser resources and being more convenient to update and access across devices and platforms. 

Cloud native apps

we develop apps designed specifically to provide consistent development and automated management across private, public, and hybrid clouds that increase the scalability and availability of the applications. 

Cloud migration and integration

Our developers will team up with yours to move all your data, applications, and processes to the cloud while ensuring business continuity and high data security resulting in better scalability, performance, and digital experience at lower operational costs. 

Cloud data management solutions

Weather you plan to move all of your data to the cloud or share it between on-premises and cloud, we can help you manage your data efficiently to avoid duplication and redundant costs while ensuring high availability and security. 


Cloud Software Development Kits

Have a product that users can build over? We can help you build software development kits for simple tasks such as logging in and location services to building complex features like augmented and virtual reality. 

Cloud ERP solutions

Synergent’s Cloud ERP Solutions will enable you to have a centralized database that is highly available, easily accessible, and easily scalable without the hassle of maintenance and high IT costs. 

Why choose Synergent for your cloud strategy and development?

Synergent builds BI solutions that can automate and streamline your data management process from discovery to ingestion to visualization allowing you to quickly clean, combine, analyze, and comprehend complex data sets.

What makes us stand apart

Shorter Development Time

Hassle-free Deployment

Assurance of enhanced security

Compatibility on multiple platforms

Multiple language support


Large community of skills developers

Easy integration even with Legacy Systems


Bennett Detroit

Founder, Horizon Technologies

This is a team of not just programmers but problem solvers. At Synergent Tech Solutions, they practice a great culture where we were not their client but a part of their team. They are readily available for any kind of assistance and keep clients updated on a constant basis. Due to this, the end product was nothing short of WOW!

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