Hire the best Ruby on Rails developers

At Synergent, we handpick our developers through meticulous screening to provide you with the best talent India has to offer.

Our Ruby on Rails development expertise

E-commerce platforms and online stores with complex functionalities

Information portals

Stock exchange platforms

Dating platforms

Social networking sites

Complex non-standard projects


Why choose Synergent’s developers

Full cycle development

Our development services include our complete support, involvement, and guidance from planning and strategising to deployment and maintenance. 

full stack developer
software intergration

Seamless deployment and integration

We don’t just stop at development. Our developers will ensure deployment with very minimal if not zero downtime and ensure our solution works well with your other systems.

Post deployment support and maintenance

Synergent also provides post-deployment support, training, and documentation and if you so choose, also maintains your application to ensure high availability and zero downtime.

24/7 service-synergent
upgradation and migration

App upgradation and migration

Our PHP developers are experts in software re-engineering, reverse engineering, and technology upgrading and will ensure your apps are highly available and current.

Full stack development

our PHP developers are also well versed in other programming languages including front-end languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

font end-synergent
Ui-Ux designer

Work closely with UI & UX designers

Our developers have excellent communication skills and excel at working closely with UI & UX designers to build engaging user-friendly interfaces 

What makes us stand apart

Dedicated offshore developers

Varying levels of experience (Avg. 5 years)

No cost consulting and estimate

Flexible engagement models

Agile project management

Strictest confidentiality with NDA

Why choose Synergent to fulfill your offshoring requirements

No hidden costs

Time and productivity reports

Monthly invoices

Tangible, measurable work

Pay-as-you-go model

Great flexibility

Agile project management

Total control over budget

Hours based on requirements

Why choose to offshore

Instead of hiring in-house or engaging a freelancer

Time to find the right developers
1 - 4 weeks
4 – 12 weeks
1 – 12 weeks
Time to start a project
1 - 4 weeks
2 – 10 weeks
1 – 10 weeks
Recurring costs (training & benefits)
$10,000 -$30,000
Pricing (weekly average)
0.3 X - 0.5 X
1 X
1.5 X - 3 X
Time to scale size of team
2 - 7 days
4 – 16 weeks
1 – 12 weeks
Project failure risk
Extremely low
Very High
Developers backed by a delivery team
Dedicated resources
Quality guarantee
Assured work rigor
Tools and professional environment


Bennett Detroit

Founder, Horizon Technologies

This is a team of not just programmers but problem solvers. At Synergent Tech Solutions, they practice a great culture where we were not their client but a part of their team. They are readily available for any kind of assistance and keep clients updated on a constant basis. Due to this, the end product was nothing short of WOW!

Frequently asked questions

The profiles of our top candidates will reach you within 72 hours. From then on, the progress depends on your availability and decision-making.

Like any other developer, our engineers are hooked to their laptop and workstation too. Just kidding! If it is the focus of our developers that you wish to get an insight into, let us assure you that our talent pool consists only of full-time, career driven developers for whom writing code is like a piece of cake. Our developers purely belong to the ‘work-from-home’ territory and are not tech nomads.

Although such a situation is unlikely, Synergent will provide immediate support and developer replacement if the client finds it necessary. Most of the remote hiring companies shirk responsibilities once the onboarding is over or after they have received their payment. But, we at Synergent understand that this will affect our goodwill and reputation. We, therefore, partner with our client during the entire employee life cycle. Our proactive HR personnel will make instant alternative arrangements as soon as the client raises a request.

Yes. You need not have any worries about the safety of your IP as Synergent has no access to it. You can communicate with the remote developer as you like. We stay in touch with the developer only to know the status of the project so that it can be reported to the client. Synergent runs standard background checks of candidates and conducts additional ones if the client finds it necessary. We also provide robust IP protection through legal entities situated worldwide. This eliminates the chance of IP infringement or theft.

Yes, we do it to save the time and efforts of our clients. We do not believe in spamming our client’s inbox with redundant resumes. Synergent’s recruitment team professionally filters resumes and sends the resumes of only the best 3-5 developers. With our past experience, we have witnessed that our clients always find these resumes impressive and hire from the first batch itself.

Hire the best developers for your offshore team