What is a software developer & What does a software developer actually do? A quick guide


What is a software developer & What does a software developer actually do? A quick guide

Software developers, or coders, are some of the most important people in the digital age. They make our world operate—and they get paid handsomely to do so. But what exactly do software developers do? What skill sets does a software developer have? And what behavioral skills should great Software Developers have? Keep reading to learn more about the exciting career of a software developer and what exactly it takes to land a job as one.

What is a software developer?

A software developer is an expert who creates computer programs from scratch. Some may focus solely on developing new mobile and desktop applications, while others may design fundamental operating systems. In addition, they create digital architecture and video games. They use their expertise to develop internal programs that aid in the efficiency of a firm or to develop software that their organization can sell on the open market. They can also work in a team or as a freelancer.

So, What does a software developer actually do?

To create online environments, programs, and structures, a software developer creates code. As a result, proficiency in one or more programming languages is required for this position. The tasks they carry out include:

  • Create and test software based on client specifications.
  • Upgrade existing software.
  • Keep track of their work for future reference.
  • Perform quality control on programs they develop or upgrade.

While the roles of software developer and engineer may overlap, the following information shows key differences.

Software Developer

Software developers design and code software for users and clients. To design comprehensive programs, developers use coding concepts. They either work alone or with programmers, concentrating mostly on the design and development process.

Software Engineer

By adhering to engineering principles, software developers create software. They might also develop project-specific tools and a planned development procedure. The entire software development lifecycle is frequently managed by engineers. They collaborate in teams while taking into account the requirements of all pertinent hardware and stakeholders.

How Much Do Software Developers Make?

Software development is frequently seen as a high-skill profession. For those who want to pursue it, it is a demanding profession. Working as a software developer typically pays more than some professional occupations, yet it may not be as elite as becoming a software engineer. So what is the average salary of software developers? What are the factors that influence their annual salary level?

As of May 2021, the median annual wage for software developers was $120,730. An occupation’s median wage is the wage at which half the workers earn more than that amount and half earn less.

The factors that determine how much software developers make

  • In the first place, we should consider the cost of living.
  • The second factor is the size of the company.
  • The third factor that impacts how much software developers earn is their education and experience.

Top 5 Technical Skill Sets of a software developer in 2023

Data Structures & Algorithms

Most tech organizations look for two non-negotiable technical talents when hiring software developers: data structures and algorithms. This is because a software developer’s proficiency in Data Structures and Algorithms is directly related to his problem-solving ability and coding skills.

Cloud Computing

Cloud services are gaining popularity among companies of all sizes and industries because they provide cost-effective infrastructure with increased scalability and flexibility. This implies that any organization you work for will eventually move to the cloud, if not already, and will expect you to be able to use cloud-based applications.

Knowing and having hands-on experience with any of the leading cloud systems, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform will provide you with a major competitive advantage, especially during interviews.

GitHub and Git

As a software engineer, you should be familiar with version control tools such as Git and SVN. Git and GitHub have significantly streamlined the industry. Over 70% of companies use Git.

When learning Git, make an effort to grasp advanced version control principles such as branching and merging, as well as the command line and the GUI.

Database and SQL

Because of the database’s prominence, every programmer is required to be knowledgeable with essential database concepts such as normalization and table design in addition to SQL.

You can pick from a variety of well-known databases, including Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. Familiarity is important. You should be able to insert, update, and delete data and write SQL codes to retrieve it.

Containers (Docker and Kubernetes)

One of the most essential container tools that any software developer should be familiar with is Kubernetes, along with Docker. Not only can containers make the deployment process simpler, but they also assist developers in testing their apps in a unified environment.

Since these are two of the most in-demand skills that companies will be looking for in 2023, Docker and Kubernetes will give you an advantage in every software developer interview.

Top Behavioral Skills That High-Performing Software Developers Should Have in 2023

Every IT organization looks at a candidate’s technical and behavioral skills before employing them as a software engineer or developer.

What are the top behavioral traits that hiring managers seek in software engineers, and why do they matter?

1. Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills

The value of communication and interpersonal relationships in the workplace cannot be overstated. Your ability to communicate will help you get through all kinds of high-pressure, complex, and challenging situations, whether the role calls for you to work in a team, as an individual contributor, technical lead, manager, or director.

This skill is more important if your future or current job involves interacting with customers and other outside parties.

2. Analytical Skills

Being a software developer necessitates a wide range of perspectives. You must comprehend and meet the expectations and requirements of your clients and users, which necessitates an analytical look at the solution you develop.

Software engineers can choose the finest tools, technologies, systems, and design configurations to utilize in their products to get maximum performance and efficiency.

3. Problem Solving

Every project a software engineer works on has a challenge that they are attempting to solve. They must come up with workable solutions for each of the numerous, more manageable but crucial issues as they go along.

4. Innovation and Creativity

Throughout their careers, software engineers frequently do jobs including coming up with new software ideas, designing new features for software and systems, and creating new capabilities. It can be difficult to think creatively all the time, but those of you who employ creativity and innovation in your jobs and projects will experience rapid professional progress because it will provide you a significant competitive advantage over your colleagues.

Always look for new methods to add creativity and innovation to the projects you are working on. It will eventually become a habit and your strongest skill.

So, the role of a software developer is constantly evolving as new technologies emerge. As a result, it is important to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry. With the right skills and knowledge, you can become an invaluable asset to any organization.

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