Hiring the Best PHP Developers in 2023: 10 Tips

Hiring the Best PHP Developers in 2023: 10 Tips

PHP developers are software developers who specialize in the PHP programming language. They are in charge of the development and maintenance of PHP-based applications.

PHP, the web programming language, now powers more than 3/4 of the internet. It means PHP is used to create over 78.9 of all websites. If not directly, most of the websites are built on PHP platforms/frameworks like WordPress, Laravel, Symfony, and others.

These developers are often seen working on the backend, using databases and server-side technologies to create dynamic and interactive websites and web applications. They may also be involved in the design and implementation of the user interfaces and front-end functionality of web applications. PHP developers often have a solid understanding of web development technologies and processes and are capable of using their expertise to create effective and efficient web-based solutions.

As a result, when someone is looking to build an entire website for them, PHP is usually the first option that springs to mind. If you’re looking to build a website in PHP and want to hire a top PHP developer for web development services, here’s a guide to help you find one.

What skills should a PHP Developer have?

  • Good command of the PHP programming language and its syntax
  • Object-oriented programming and design patterns experience
  • Ability to develop efficient, clean, and well-documented code
  • Expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for front-end development
  • Database and SQL knowledge
  • MVC framework experiences, such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, or Symfony
  • Familiarity with version control systems such as Git
  • Excellent problem-solving and debugging abilities
  • Familiarity with web security best practices
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to function well in a team environment

Why Hire a Remote PHP Developer

There are numerous reasons to hire remote PHP developers. You not only save money, but you also get flexibility and independence. Here are the top reasons why hiring remote PHP developers is a wise business decision:

Think about the money you’re saving

You all know that bringing in IT expertise may be costly. Yet you need someone to help your firm expand, not just a regular employee. Creating a website is no easy task; there are numerous technical aspects to consider; hence, hiring an exceptional PHP developer is essential.

Employing a remote PHP developer allows you to retain the services of highly skilled professionals while taking advantage of lower cost-of-living locations.

It’s All About Talent

Saving money is always a good thing, but you also don’t want to pay a high price for lousy hiring. A good employee will move your company forward while also improving its culture. Although cost savings are important considerations when hiring remote developers, having access to top-tier IT talent should be an even more compelling rationale.

When it comes to hiring PHP developers, many firms take the risk and tap into the enormous worldwide talent pool. Yet it has nothing to do with cost-cutting; according to a poll, 70% of companies sought out worldwide candidates owing to their diverse skill sets rather than just cutting costs.

We live in a remote world

The coronavirus pandemic has shown companies of all kinds that remote work is feasible and here to stay. Contrary to common belief, the post-pandemic world will be different than before – businesses have already detailed new teleworking practices, with the majority of employees preferring to stay in their offices.

Earlier, a paycheck was sufficient to ensure employee job satisfaction. People nowadays, however, increasingly want an enhanced work-life balance that only remote work can offer. As a result, employers should make an effort to entice top PHP developers from around the world by offering flexible working conditions. Hence, if you hire dedicated PHP developers, you won’t have to be concerned about their productivity because they can work efficiently from anywhere.

A Self-Driven Remote PHP Developer

When you hire remote PHP developers, you are not just utilizing the expertise of a freelancer for your project – you are also having access to someone dedicated and passionate about meeting all your business demands and needs. It’s like adding a full-time resource to ensure everything operates smoothly.

Tips for selecting the best PHP Developer for Your Project

Now that we’ve covered some of the qualities to look for in a PHP developer, and about remote hiring, let’s go over some hiring tips and methods that will help you find the perfect PHP developer for your project.

Website Design and Maintenance Expert

If you’re looking for a developer to help you with your project, seek someone who has expertise in website development and maintenance. It will ensure that your website will meet all of today’s standards. And if your website has any bugs, they will be able to resolve them instantly.

The Finest, Not the Cheapest

Hiring someone because they are cheap can be your biggest mistake. Request the expert’s portfolio and avoid anyone who simply has a few projects that have taken a short time to complete.

Take your time when hiring because it is a key feature of any firm, especially in web development.

Most importantly, prioritize experience because it is not only more important but also more valuable. It could take many different forms, like finishing a formal programming education or working on related projects.

Solid understanding of backend and frontend technologies

While looking for a PHP developer, be certain that they are familiar with both backend and frontend technology. It will help them comprehend how your website is supposed to work.

Understanding what they are saying and vice versa is essential. They should also be able to clarify things for you.

PHP is a backend language, but it is often used with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create dynamic web pages and web applications. As a result, a PHP developer must be well-versed in all four of these technologies.

Appraise their Communication Skills

Evaluate to see if your offshore PHP developers can communicate and comprehend your language adequately. Proper communication for both sides will ensure the project’s success and efficiency.

This is vital since you must grasp what they are saying and vice versa. They should also be able to explain things so that you comprehend them.

It’s pointless to hire someone who can’t communicate with you. PHP developers can communicate easily with clients to understand their wants and requirements.

Access their tech culture and Attitude

Although technical skills are important, work ethics and attitude should also be considered. No matter how competent the PHP developer is, if their work culture and attitude do not match yours or the company’s, the project development process will be a slog with several bottlenecks.

Look for someone who can provide solutions rather than problems, as there will almost certainly be plenty of those if something goes wrong during development! Therefore, if they have a good attitude, they will be able to resolve these issues swiftly and efficiently.

Being Self-sufficient

You do not want to hire PHP developers who require constant supervision or guidance on what to do next. They should be able to take the initiative and act on their own without needing to be told what to do next.

But when you pay someone by the hour, every minute counts, therefore look for someone who is self-motivated and knows how to complete tasks quickly and efficiently without the guidance of others.

They should know how to approach projects from start to finish, as well as how long each task takes on average, to prioritize effectively based on what needs to be done first and most urgently.

Expertise in different Programming Languages

Your developer must be able to handle an array of programs and technologies. As a result, ensure that they have familiarity with different languages, such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and MySQL.

This will ensure that they can design a mobile-friendly and responsive site for various devices. They should also be familiar with any frameworks you may want on your websites, such as Laravel or Symfony2.

If they don’t know how to use certain frameworks, they should be able to teach themselves so you don’t have to waste time training them when you could be focused on other aspects of development instead.

Framework Experience

Look for someone who has used a framework like CodeIgniter or Yii2 before. They should understand how it works and how to best use it on your website to avoid problems later when development starts in earnest.

But if they don’t know what they’re doing, they may end up making mistakes that will cost you time and money to fix. And, if they are inexperienced with these frameworks, ensure that they can learn quickly so that you do not have to waste time teaching them when you should be focusing on other aspects of development instead.


Hiring dedicated PHP developers for your startup or project is not an easy task. During the hiring process, we will confront a variety of challenges. Although a lot of free resources are available on the internet, it is still difficult for an entrepreneur to find high-quality developers for a project.

Synergent will make this task easier, just get in touch with us to hire the best PHP developers for your project.

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