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What we do

We provide comprehensive remote staffing solution

.NET developers

Hire .NET developers with different levels of experience to design and develop software applications that cater to your organization’s needs.

Java developers

Our JAVA developers build complex, competent, and scalable applications for start-ups and enterprises alike.

iOS developers

Our remote iOS developers have successfully developed applications that are transforming businesses worldwide by building end-to-end custom scalable applications.

Android developers

Hire skilled android developers on a full-time, contract, or project basis to cost-effectivly scale your business.

PHP developers

Our PHP developers build high-quality applications even with tight deadlines and provide effective digital business solutions for enhanced productivity and growth.

Python developers

Our python developers code, design, deploy, and debug development projects on the back-end to assist you in getting your technological framework up to code.

How does it work?

Tell us your requirements

We’ll reach out to you to understand your technical skill requirements, candidate expectations, and budget.

Find your fit

We comb through our talent pool to identify developers who fit your requirement and share their details & resume with you to interview.

Onboard developers

Once you’ve selected your developers, you can deploy them right away on projects.

Manage & monitor

Assign tasks, get timely status reports, and have regular meetings at your convenience.

Why choose our remote developers

Technically sound & highly skilled

Our developers are highly qualified and come with experience managing complex IT projects with strict deadlines.  Let us help you find the perfect fit for your software team.

Remote Staff - Yet Completely Yours

Although the engineers work from different locations, they report directly to you and work only on your projects.

Zero Set-Up Cost

AND you save over 60% when you hire remote software engineers through Synergent Technologies when compared to conventional recruitment and onboarding. We also handle all hardware requirements and payroll.

Staff With Various Experience Levels

Our talent pool includes software engineers with various experience levels. You can choose the right candidate with the right kind & level of experience.

Request a schedule for free consultation

Why synergent tech solutions?

High quality deliverables

Our customer-first approach ensures consistency in quality & commitment – from start to finish. We don’t stop at providing you with remote software developers, we will support you through all your human resource requirements.

Efficient onboarding & hiring

Create your dream remote team without having to go through long recruitment processes. Hiring remote developers via Synergent Tech Solutions is extremely quick, simple, and cost-effective.

Passionate developers

The remote developers hired from our diverse talent pool are the best in the industry. They are experts who will hit the ground running  once assigned to projects.

70% Lesser cost

All you have to do is select and interview developers we have searched and shortlisted. By outsourcing the rest to us, you save a significantly on time & money

Frequently asked questions

Your remote staff will have one or more of the following skill sets:

  • .Net Developers
  • Java Developers
  • PHP Developers
  • Python Developers
  • Android Developers
  • iOS Developers
  • Dev Ops Engineers
  • QA Testers

Once you let us know your requirement, we will provide you with one or more candidates from our dedicated talent pool. They will assist your business with their complete set of expertise. Also visit our Services page to know more about Synergent’s Remote Staffing and other digital services.

To begin with, we will have a telephonic conversation with you to get an insight about your business and staffing needs. We select and suggest our choice of a virtual candidate with the appropriate skill sets. The candidate’s profile will be sent to you for review or suggestions. You can converse with the staff even before signing up with us. The entire procedure is very fast and efficient. The staff will be onboard within no time. Mail us at to know more about our remote staffing solutions

YES, by all means! We have worked with several clients for remote staffing and have assembled a virtual team with multifarious skill sets required by any organization for their routine functioning and progress. We have gained the experience that will enable us to predict your staff requirements even before you do. With Synergent Technologies, you enjoy instant access to a bunch of the most wanted professionals equipped with up-to-date and global business practices and standards.


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